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No one can really know what living with cancer is like unless they have personally lived with it. Cancer affects many people besides the patient like family members and friends, but it is the cancer patient who is receiving treatments and dealing with the side effects so directly who is obviously affected the most. One common and very noticeable side effect of cancer treatments is hair loss. Each cancer patient is a unique person so hair loss will be a different obstacle for each person. For many people, it is a very hard thing to live with because it makes them stand out in a crowd, get stared at by complete strangers, and answer a lot of questions they simply aren't in the mood for.

At Claudia's Cool Hats, there is an easy solution to solve all of these problems. This website lets cancer patients choose a hat with hair that can easily disguise their hair loss. There are ten different hair color options available and nine different hair styles as well. This hat with hair will use 100% natural human hair so it will feel great and won't look like a fake wig. Since it is natural hair, a hairstylist can even cut the hair to match a certain style that the patient would like. There are three different styles of hats to choose from and it is up to the cancer patient to choose what type of hat with hair combination she would like. Some may even choose to get a few different looks in order to have a variety of options to wear depending on the occasion or mood. Check out the options and see what looks you can create.